Guidelines for fuelling ships with liquified gas commissioned

Promoting the development and utilisation of the offshore and onshore LNG bunkering infrastructure in German sea ports

The German Maritime Centre commissioned a study in June 2020 tasked with producing a proposal for uniform legal regulations and procedural guidelines for the fuelling of ships with liquified natural gas (LNG).

The objective is to compare existing legal regulations in force at national, state, and port levels in Germany and selected EU member states. Using examples of good practice, key points will be devised illustrating what uniform rules and regulations for the safe and efficient bunkering of LNG in seaports could look like in the relevant German states.

The group commissioned to carry out the study will draft national guidelines for uniform LNG bunkering standards and rules in German seaports. These best practice guidelines can provide those involved in the process with greater clarity and confidence when preparing and issuing authorisation for onshore and offshore bunkering operations.

Ramboll Deutschland GmbH, WPG was commissioned to carry out the study through closed tender. The study will be conducted over a period of six months.