Our aim is to strengthen the maritime economy.

The German Maritime Centre was founded in 2017. It is an independent, publicly funded, cross-sectoral think tank based in Hamburg. Its members are the German federal government (represented by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport) as the main funder, five federal states and the leading maritime associations.

We draw on the maritime sector’s innovative capacity and on issues of the future such as fossil-free, zero-emission propulsion systems, modern safety systems and autonomous shipping, so that the maritime industry can continue to maintain a leading position internationally.

A stable European industry and sector-specific service providers are necessary for economic success, employment and sustainability. This can ensure that goods and people can be transported and move between countries and continents in an environmentally friendly, reliable and cost-effective manner.

We support the maritime industry by providing information and studies on developments in markets, technologies, laws and policies. At the core of our work are issues relating to designing and implementing research, development and innovation (RDI) in the maritime sector. We support cooperative approaches to research and development, for instance, by commissioning studies and projects that implement research results, increase knowledge and further develop the technological state of the art in the maritime sector.

We want to expand and intensify interdisciplinary exchange within the maritime sector as well as with other branches of industry, but also with politics, science and public authorities nationwide.

As a national contact point, we want to support the maritime sector at the European and international level.

Supporting networking, applying research results, promoting innovative ability, strengthening future orientation – with our cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary focus, we concentrate on comprehensively addressing the following interlinked issues: competitiveness, sustainability and climate change, technological change, demography and attracting young talent.


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