Maritime Map

Navigating maritime Germany

The maritime sector in Germany plays a key role in Germany’s overall competitiveness as a business location. According to estimates, its annual turnover is up to 50 billion euros. However, the diversity of the sector is not only apparent at company level, but also in the range of all maritime actors – even outside the business community. At the same time, it reaches beyond the northern German coastal states: maritime Germany is happening throughout the entire federal territory.

With the Maritime Map, we are creating a service that interested parties can use to find out about maritime Germany. The tool provides information on the entire maritime sector, which is visualised on the map. It provides an overview and information on all relevant stakeholders. The map lists federal and state ministries alongside their subordinate authorities, associations, and research and training institutions, as well as maritime bodies, organisations, etc., for which the essential background information (name, headquarters, type of organisation, etc.) is provided. The data is constantly expanded and updated.

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