Global changes and technical innovations are challenging the maritime industry. The relevant stakeholders are required to engage with them intensively – politically, economically, ecologically, socially and technologically. The German Maritime Centre supports them in this process.

At a time of globalisation and an international division of labour, the transport of goods across the world is growing. The majority of this is taking place by sea. Germany’s prosperity is substantially based on its successful export economy. As a business location, it is therefore dependent on an innovative and competitive maritime sector. Competition on global markets has intensified considerably in recent years; this is linked to a fundamental change in world trade, for example, in the flow of goods.

The maritime industry has a huge responsibility for environmental and climate protection. The shipping sector needs to dramatically cut its CO2 emissions. This requires fossil-free fuels to be developed and their use to be expedited. This is clearly in the industry’s interests, as it is directly affected by climate change on the coasts.

To strengthen the position of the German maritime industry on the global market in the long term, new technologies are needed in areas such as ship propulsion systems, production processes and safety systems. In terms of its maritime expertise, Germany enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. If it is to maintain this leading position, the country needs to intensify its research activities and speed up the application of research results in practice – an essential element of the German federal government’s maritime strategy.

Digitalisation and automation are also changing work processes at sea and on land. New skills are in demand – a challenge that is being intensified by demographic trends and the shortage of skilled workers.

Supporting networking, applying research results, promoting innovative ability, strengthening future orientation – with its cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary focus, the German Maritime Centre concentrates on comprehensively addressing the following interlinked issues: competitiveness, sustainability and climate change, technological change, demography and attracting young talent.


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