Environmental incentive scheme in the Kiel Canal and the pilotage areas

The German Maritime Centre develops proposal for environmental discounts for sustainable vessels in the Kiel Canal and pilotage areas


In drafting this proposal, the German Maritime Centre wants to support measures introduced by the German government which have created many incentives for eco-friendly maritime vessels. The German government is subsidising the transition of maritime shipping to alternative propulsion systems. Furthermore, the Bundestag decided in 2019 to initiate a development scheme to promote the sustainable retrofit of coastal vessels. The goal of these programmes is to achieve a significant reduction in pollution, among other things.

Retrofitting existing vessels often requires substantial investment funding and results in increased operating costs. The environmental discount scheme to be developed by the German Maritime Centre is meant to create incentives for the sector to invest in new eco-friendly technologies. We see the development of such a scheme as a contribution to the competitive edge, innovative capacity and sustainability of the maritime sector.

The proposal for an environmental discount scheme is being drafted in the German Maritime Centre. Results are to be presented in the fourth quarter of 2020.



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