Study on financial instruments in the maritime sector

The German Maritime Centre commissioned a study on financial instruments in the maritime sector in May 2020.


The study is tasked with outlining and analysing current financing options available to the German maritime sector. Moreover, financial instruments at other major international shipping centres will be examined. Both ship financing and construction phase financing will be evaluated.

Based on the findings, the study will show what additional instruments maritime sector companies based in Germany require to enable and facilitate future access to the financing resources needed for modernisation and new construction projects.

The study will focus specifically on financing options and incentives available for the construction and retrofitting of existing ships, enabling them to meet modern environmental and climate protection standards.

The entire German maritime sector stands to benefit from these findings.

PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH WPG was commissioned to carry out the study following a preliminary competition and closed tender. The study will be conducted over a period of four months.

The findings will be presented and discussed at a public professional event.


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