Investing in minds

The maritime industry is diverse, international and future-oriented. It offers a range of training and career opportunities and would like to attract young people and qualified, committed people to take advantage of them. The German Maritime Centre is working with others to make this possible.

Demographic trends are making the lack of skilled workers in Germany a perennial issue. Despite immigration and a slight uptick in the birth rate, the population is declining, and competition for the best brains is increasing.  This is also affecting the maritime economy.

Mechanical engineering, ship design, nautical science, ship operation technology, ship electronics, computer science, logistics; pilots, ship brokers, inspectors, shipping merchants, naval personnel – these are just a few of the numerous maritime training programmes and occupational fields. The maritime sector offers graduates, but also highly-skilled personnel from other sectors who want to change careers, top-class jobs with interesting activities worldwide – it promises technically demanding work with responsibility for people and values.

Attractive conditions, flexible working, a good work-life balance and opportunities for professional and personal development: the companies and institutions in this sector have a lot to offer beyond dynamism and innovative capacity. Nevertheless, the maritime industry still finds it challenging to inspire ambitious up-and coming staff members, highly skilled specialists and managers.

In this regard, the German Maritime Centre strives to:

  • Support and connect stakeholders at different levels
  • Promote the perception of the maritime industry as a diverse and future-oriented employer
  • Develop ways to attract skilled career-changers to the maritime sector
  • Support the work of training providers and the dialogue between the social partners, including by providing information on development of the working world and the future of work in the maritime sector
  • Adapt training programmes and skill profiles to changes in work processes due to digitalisation and automation, in collaboration with industry representatives and educational institutions

Issues and Projects

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