German Maritime Centre to develop Maritime Map and Digital EU Funding Compass

The German Maritime Centre has commissioned the development of a database including an interactive visualisation of a Maritime Map and a Maritime Funding Compass Europe.

In order to increase the visibility of the maritime sector and at the same time provide information about it, the German Maritime Centre is developing a Maritime Map. Up to now, the sector has not represented itself collectively in public.  People who want to find out about Germany’s maritime sector have to work their way through various channels and platforms about the sector and its players. We want to change that and have commissioned the development of a map that provides information about the entire maritime sector and visualises it. The database intends to provide an overview of and information about all stakeholders relevant to the maritime industry. For example, it will list and provide important background information (name, headquarters, type of organisation, etc.) on a range of bodies: federal and state ministries as well as their subordinate authorities, associations, research and training institutions (including the maritime professions they train people for), and maritime associations.

As part of its activities regarding European funding programmes, the German Maritime Centre is also developing the Maritime Funding Compass Europe. In addition to regional and national funding programmes, the maritime sector also uses European funding programmes to achieve lasting increases in its competitiveness and innovative strength. The European funding landscape is diverse and very complex, especially for newcomers, with regard to the funding areas, application procedures, administration, eligibility criteria and quotas of the various programmes. To make the best use of them, the industry needs comprehensive knowledge of the calls for proposals applicable to the maritime sector. However, there is currently no available service or tool that depicts the entire range of European funding programmes specifically for the maritime sector in a practice-oriented manner. The Maritime Funding Compass Europe is intended to make it easier for parties interested in funding through European programmes to find the calls for proposals that are relevant to them. A central concern of the Funding Compass is to provide practical orientation. It should contain the essential background information for each call for proposals and be continuously updated.

The tendering process operated via a non-formal competitive procedure according to Section 50 of the Regulation on Sub-threshold Procurement (UVgO) for which, analogous to the competitive procurement procedure according to the UVgO, individual regulations were used, in particular regarding the execution of the procedure and the evaluation. The company Biz Factory GmbH was awarded the contract. The period of performance is 12 weeks.