Responsibility for the environment

Integrated thinking about the economy and environment are the order of the day at the German Maritime Centre. We support the maritime industry in introducing environmentally friendly technologies.

Climate change and its implications are directly affecting the maritime sector: they are called upon to adapt to changing sea levels and extreme weather events. Considerable investment will be required in coastal protection, port access and facilities.

At the same time, the maritime industry is facing the challenge of minimising the impact of its own activities on the environment and climate. The market is looking for sustainable solutions to rapidly reduce emissions from maritime transport. Stricter environmental regulations, especially at the international level, are increasing the pressure to act.

Innovative ideas for propulsion technology and energy sources are needed to change course. The German Maritime Centre is therefore focusing on projects in the field of green shipping and energy efficiency. These include:

  • Contributing to the development of standards for climate and environmental protection as well as of uniform regulations and standards
  • Bringing together interest groups for specific purposes, for example, to support the use of alternative fuels and propulsion systems
  • Initiating studies and research and development projects

Issues and Projects

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