Into the future with high tech

Its capacity to innovate has turned the maritime sector in Germany into a high-tech industry. This potential must be maintained and promoted so that Germany can assert itself as a maritime location in global competition. The German Maritime Centre supports the sector by providing studies and analyses.

Whether we’re talking about blockchain, big data or AI applications: digitalisation is elevating the maritime sector to a new technological level. The increase in data-based networking can offer enormous advantages for the transport and logistics sector – financially, temporally and ecologically.

Autonomous shipping is opening up new prospects in terms of efficiency and safety. Manufacturing processes such as 3D printing are revolutionising production, while alternative energy sources are advancing the issue of sustainability. Integration into the global platform economy is also changing business models in the industry.

To remain competitive, the maritime sector needs to expand and develop its expertise in these fields and adapt it to international standards. The German Maritime Centre is committed to this. The following items are on the agenda:

  • Supporting the German federal government in developing new funding programmes and guidelines and in fulfilling its tasks in coordinating European research, development and innovation projects
  • Observing and analysing research and development activities in the maritime sector
  • Monitoring trends and initiating projects and studies on key technologies – especially with a view to facilitating knowledge transfer and cross innovation for the entire industry
  • Analysing financing options for the use of technological innovations
  • Aggregating and processing information on international, European, national and regional funding programmes and making it accessible with the aid of practical instruments

Issues and Projects

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