Zero-emission waterborne transport – European technologies for zero-emission shipping


The German Maritime Centre is a member of Waterborne, an industry-focused technology platform whose mission is to establish a continuous dialogue between all maritime stakeholders and the EU institutions, including the member states ( The platform represents approximately 100 (associate) members from 18 EU member states.

The members want to pool European resources and expertise more strongly to sustainably transform shipping for the benefit of future generations.

They are working actively to ensure that Europe leads and accelerates the transformation of global shipping towards a zero-emission future. The aim is to develop technological solutions for all segments of shipping by 2030 to enable zero-emission waterborne transport before 2050 while simultaneously consolidating growth, employment and competitiveness in Europe. The members want to contribute to delivering solutions to urgent environmental and social challenges. By 2050, innovative technologies and operating concepts should greatly reduce or eliminate all harmful environmental emissions (greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollutants, underwater noise pollution).

To achieve these goals, a European Partnership between the EU Commission and Europe’s maritime industry has been established through the Waterborne Technology Platform.

The Partnership is expected to make more than €500 million of EU funding available to the maritime sector between 2021 and 2027.

The Partnership is based on a regularly updated strategic research and innovation agenda.

The six overarching themes are:

  • Alternative fuels
  • Electrification
  • Energy efficiency
  • Design & Retrofit
  • Digital green
  • Ports

The German Maritime Centre has been intensively involved in the successful application process for the candidate Partnership and will play an active role in shaping its content. It will provide continuous information on the Partnership and the call for proposals for related funding topics. In close coordination with our members, we will put key issues on the agenda in Brussels with the aim of representing the thematic diversity of Germany as a maritime location so that it can be adequately taken into account in the programmes.

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